5 Ways That Help Me Boost My Self-Confidence

5 Ways That Help Me Boost My Self-Confidence

Hello readers, are you struggling with your confidence. No need to worry anymore because I am here to share 5 ways that are to this day are helping me boost my self-confidence.

  1. I smiled more

Smiling is literally the best medicine if you’re having a bad day. I find that when I know I am stressed or in a very pensive mood, I need to distract myself and go on TikTok or YouTube to look at funny videos so I can smile and laugh.

There are so many benefits to smiling anyways, such as it improves your mood and its stress reliever, and of course it boosts up your self-confidence.

2. Do small challenges and achieve those challenges

One way to help with your confidence in achieving goals, whether they are small or big goals.

When I am at the gym, each time I go, I push myself to lift or squat or whatever exercise you’re doing, do it 1 minute longer, or lift 5 more pounds, etc.

3. Visualize your future

Visualizing your future is one hell of a way to boost your confidence because it’ll give you the motivation to push to your dreams for a better future.

As a stock trader, I always visualize my future as a successful stock trader and a blogger.

4. Take a selfie and post it

This one always boosts my self-confidence. Believe me, I am not photogenic at all, but when I post a simple selfie, it makes me a little proud of myself. It reminds me that I am in charge of my life and I am the one that will change my future.

5. Try something new

Yes, try something new, something you never ever seen yourself doing. I never thought I would have an interest in the stock market and here I am doing it. I love it! I really want to try Brazilian jiu-jitsu, I feel like once I get the motivation and the courage I am going to do it!

Don’t be afraid to try something new. I promise you’ll end up enjoying it.

Self-confidence is something many of us struggle with. A single can melt it all away, but it’s all up to you. Remember you matter. Be true to yourself and boost your confidence.




















Ruben, (This is me) I am the founder of Life Of Ruben. I created this blog to share my life with the world. I enjoy spending time with my loved ones. My hobbies include learning the stock market, bartending, and enjoying life! I hope you stay for a while!

12 thoughts on “5 Ways That Help Me Boost My Self-Confidence

  1. I love that each of these actions is doable, but still train your mind for success. Another I like to do is to exercise.

  2. For a long time I was not much of a smiler (outside of generally happy occasions). I recently learned the power of smiling so I appreciate this reminder. This is a wonderful post because it lists actionable steps. Thank you! Wishing you continued blessings and prosperity!

    1. Thank you Yetunde for the comment. Even myself, for almost 20 years now, I didn’t have the confidence to smile because I didn’t like my own smile. Through time, I slowly accepted my smile and now I can happily say I enjoy smiling and share it!

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