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Benefits To Blogging | Top 100 Gay Blogs

Benefits To Blogging | Top 100 Gay Blogs

Blogging is beneficial.

Blogging for a few weeks now, and I stumbled upon where I was able to submit my blog just to get a little exposure. I got an email a few days ago saying that my blog has been ranked #29 on the top Gay blogs.

I am very honored to be ranked that high in such a short time.

Top 100 Gay Blogs, Websites & Influencers in 2021

I began blogging a few weeks ago as a hobby. I’ve always wanted to have my own blog site and share whatever is on my mind.

There are so many benefits to starting a blog.

1. Blog about what your passions are
There are millions of websites out there with so much content. Owning a blog gives you an opportunity to express and share what you love to do. Creating content and sharing it with the world can bring an audience who may have similar interests as you do.

2. Monetize your blog
Why not make money while you blog. There are many different AD platforms out there that you can utilize on your site where you can earn money while you blog.

Some popular ad services are
-Google Adsense

3. Help others
One great thing about creating a website/blog is that you have the opportunity to help others. For example, if you’re someone who is great with marketing, you can definitely create a site that focuses strictly on marketing. You can share your skills on how to market. There are many people out there that need help with that.

Starting a site is fun! Pretend your site is like a canvas, you can decorate it however you want. Have fun with it!


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