Perks Of Being A Disney Cast Member


Perks Of Being A Disney Cast Member

We All Love Disney

Have you ever wanted to know what the perks of being a Disney Cast Member are? Well, I am here to share what awesome benefits and perks I get for being employed by The Walt Disney Company.

I’ve been employed by Disney for almost 10 years now and I cannot tell you how much I love working there.

I started with the company on Disney’s College Program. I did my internship back in 2012 in the quick service department at Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

Anyways, let’s get back to those amazing perks.

1.  Merchandise / Food Discounts

Being employed with Disney you can discount on their products and food (restaurants may vary) The first 2 years you get a 20 percent discount and when hit your 3rd year you get 35 percent off, which is great!

Christmas time we get 40 percent off merchandise for all the cast members.

2. Free Admission

You get to go to Disney for free!!!  (Blockout days may vary) Also, you can take up to 3 people with you.

You can go to any Disney park in the world except for Disney Tokyo.

3. Resort Discounts

We also get discounted rates on the resorts!

Depending on the time of year we can get up to 65 percent off on rooms!

4. Discounted Cruises

Depending on the time and availability, being a cast member we can discounted rates on the cruise line.

Question for you.

What’s your favorite Disney park and why?


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