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5 Ways To Clean Your Life For The Summer

5 Ways To Clean Your Life For The Summer

5 Ways To Clean Your Life For The Summer

Drink Lots Of Water During Summer

Summer is a great time to start drinking more water than you are normally used to. Take someone like me, who constantly chooses to drink carbonated beverages more often than I should. I drink an unhealthy amount of soda or high sugar drinks. It’s definitely time for a change. You can create a challenge of some sort to get yourself to drink more water. For example, each day drink a few ounces more than the previous day.

Eat Light, Not Heavy

No more eating heavy, especially right before bed. (this part is excluded for those who are bulking up, or trying to gain weight). Try eating light. Eat a light, light-carb meal instead of a very high carbohydrate meal. While we do burn fat during we sleep, we don’t burn a lot of fat when we sleep, so eating light before bed wouldn’t be too bad, as long as it’s not too heavy.

Relax, Don’t Sweat The Small Things

Relax, don’t worry too much about the little things. There are plenty of little things that aren’t worth worrying about. Here’s a small list of small things you shouldn’t worry about.






Negative People

You need to have fun and be happy with happy and positive people all through your summer. It’s time to get rid of those toxic people in your life for good! Unfriend them on social media, block them out of your life! Don’t get caught up in those negative people. Summertime is supposed to be all about having fun with people who care about you and you care about them.


Don’t be a hoarder. Get rid of all that unnecessary garbage.

Get rid of all the clothes that don’t fit you anymore.

Clean out your email.

Clean out your contacts of those you don’t talk to anymore.


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