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Get Approved By Google Adsense Faster

Get Approved By Google Adsense Faster

Are you having trouble getting approved monetizing your website from Google? I can assure you, I was finding it difficult at times to get approved from Google to monetize my blog. After getting denied a few times, I finally got approved and I knew why I didn’t get approved because they send you a reason why you not getting approved in the first place. Well, let me give you a few tips to help you get approved by Google to get your site monetized and for you to start making some money. 

Register Your Domain Name

So, It is highly recommended you get your domain registered first to a (.com, .blog, .site etc). It way harder for anyone that has a free blog to get approved, but it isn’t impossible I know for a fact that there are sites out there that are using a free platform and was able to get their site approved.

I use Dreamhost for my site. Very affordable. I pay 8 dollars a month for my site, but I do have some added featured such as a mailbox and SEO optimizer. So, I pay roughly 15 dollars a month for everything.

Have Good Quality Content

Not only do you need good quality content, but before applying for Adsense, make sure you have at least 5 good decent length articles. Google needs to make sure your site is worth putting ads on it. So they got to check what your site is all about.

This one was one of the main reasons why I didn’t get approved the first time. I had about 8 articles when I applied, but they weren’t long enough. Also, I had to redo some posts to make them more easier to read for my readers.

Make Sure You Have The Important Pages On Your Site

Okay, thus far without these pages, it may not be too easy to get approved for Adsense. Before submitting your site, make sure you have your “Privacy Policy, Term’s and Conditions and a Contact Page” on your site. Add these to your site and it will definitely help you with your approval fast.

Okay, I hope these tips help you with your Google Adsense approval. I know it did with me. These where the 3 reasons why I didn’t get approved at first.

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