3 Tips To Help You Get Yourself Back To The Gym

3 Tips To Help You Get Yourself Back To The Gym

Hello friends. Going to the gym is such an intimidating thing to do. It is definitely nerve-wracking if you haven’t gone at all or in a long time. Today, I still get nervous going to the gym, but there are many tips to help you get your fitness on. I have 3 tips to share to get yourself back to the gym.

1. Go To The Gym With A Friend

If you have never gone to the gym and you are scared to go alone, then find one of your friends who enjoys working out and go with them. Having someone there that regularly goes and knows what there doing will definitely keep you at ease.

For me, I love working out with someone. It brings out the competitive side in me. Plus, you can keep up with life as you’re working out with your friend.

2. Create A Workout Plan To Focus On Your Gym Goals

I find it really easy if I have a workout plan. I created a workout plan based on my days off from work and the hours I have free before work on my workdays. Here is my workout plan…

If you like an example of my workout plan, feel free to utilize it or create a plan similar to mine.

3. Push Yourself To Go To The Gym

I know there are days you want to just stay at home and do nothing or you have no motivation whatsoever to go to the gym. I know the feeling, I have lots of days where I just want to stay home and eat unhealthy food and do nothing. Well, stop that. Push yourself to get your butt to the gym. The more you lack on your fitness and longer it’ll take to get to your fitness goals.

JUST DO IT!!!!!!!

Ruben, (This is me) I am the founder of Life Of Ruben. I created this blog to share my life with the world. I enjoy spending time with my loved ones. My hobbies include learning the stock market, bartending, and enjoying life! I hope you stay for a while!

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  1. I’m not allowed back to the gym for another 6 weeks because of surgery but I’m definitely saving this post for when I’m allowed!! Super helpful!!

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