How To Keep A Garden In The City

How To Keep A Garden In The City

Just because you live in the city doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the process of growing a garden. Hopefully you live in a place in the city with at least some sort of outdoor private space much like many of the houses for sale in Toronto.

You don’t need 10 acres of land to grow a decent garden and get some fresh vegetables for yourself and your family to enjoy. Below are some tips for keeping a garden growing in the city.

Start the Process Inside 

A little trick for all gardeners is to start the germination process inside. Almost all vegetable seeds transplant well, so you are able to start the growing process inside.

You can do this in a plastic tray or even a decent plastic storage container. The seeds won’t need sunlight right away, but starting the seeds inside can lead to a healthier and fuller garden. Room temperature and a little water are all that is needed.

This can also streamline the process and you will be eating fresh vegetables sooner.

Don’t Put the Seeds in Sun too Quick 

As it was mentioned previously, starting the seeds inside is a benefit, but they don’t need sunlight. They really don’t need sunlight until you move them outside. Doing so too quickly could fry the plant and you may need to start over.

If you transplant them outside too early in spring, or even put your tray or container outside for a bit, you will mess with the plant’s temperature. Temperatures need to be consistently warm to put the seedlings outside.

Build or Buy a Garden Box 

Living in the city, chances are you may not have a grassy area at your home. Some places in the city just have patios. That’s fine. Regardless of if you have grass or concrete, you should still build or buy a garden bed.

Garden beds can easily be made out of wood by bracketing all 4 corners together. If you’re not handy, you don’t even have to go that route. Many hardware stores like Lowes, Home Depot, Tractor Supply, etc. have pop up garden beds that are made out of a sort of felt material. Super easy!

Regardless of your living situation in the city, you’ll easily be able to give your garden it’s own dedicated space.

Find a Space Outside that Gets Sunlight 

Picking the spot where your garden will live outside is everything. It needs lots of sunlight. If you pick a spot that is shady a majority of the time, don’t waste your time trying to grow a garden.

Plants thrive off of sun and water. If you don’t provide that, you won’t be eating any veggies at all. Before you start the process, plan out where you will out the garden and make sure that it will work.

Use Starter Tabs 

In the gardening section of almost any store that sells gardening materials you will find starter tablets to put in the soil. These act as fertilizer to help bolster your plants.

The trick is to put these tablets a few inches into the soil near the seedlings. When water hits them they will spread throughout the soil and act as a natural fertilizer. This could give your garden the kick it needs and make it look like you have a green thumb.

Water Daily 

This is no secret, but rather a friendly reminder. The garden will need water daily, sometimes two times a day if rain has been hard to come by.

Use your best judgment, but don’t get lazy. Set a daily reminder on your phone to water your garden. Obviously, you can skip days when it rains, but on those days it doesn’t, your garden will be thirsty.

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