5 Things I Do In My Morning Routine

5 Things I Do In My Morning Routine

Every morning is different for everyone. We all have different hours we all get up. We all have routines that fit us before we actually start the day. Well, I am here to share my morning routine and I hope you can implement some of the stuff I do in the morning into your morning routine. Here we go…


Stretching is ideal and I am pretty sure everyone does this regardless of being in their routine or not. The way I stretch is easy.
1. I raise my arms right up to the sky for roughly 30 seconds.
2. I try to touch the floor for about 30 seconds.
3. I shrug my shoulders up for about 30 seconds and down for about 30 seconds.
4. I puff out my chest for about 30 seconds
5. I left both my legs to my glutes for about 30 seconds.

Drink A Glass Of Water

Your body is most likely dehydrated from sleeping all night and is in need of water.
Every morning I drink about 16 to 20oz of water as soon as I get out of bed.

Take My Dogs Out For A Quick Walk

This one only applies if you have a dog. I have two Siberian Huskies. One way I utilize to get my body up and going is taking my dogs out as soon as I get up as well.
I hate staying in bed when I get up. It makes me feel unproductive and lazy. I make every minute and a second count for each day instead of being in bed all day.

Make My Bed

I dislike having a bed that isn’t tidy and neat. As soon as my body is out of the bed, I make my bed so it doesn’t give me a reason to get back to bed.

Check The Market And Prepare Yourself To Potential Trades In The Stock Market

I am a huge fan of the stock market. I recently started trading in the FOREX market. Every morning around 9 am I check the market for potential setups to take.
If you do not know what FOREX trading is, I highly recommend checking it out.

Question for you!

What is your morning routine like?


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