10 Nighttime Routine Ideas That I Do

10 Nighttime Routine Ideas That I Do

Write Down All The Key Tasks You Have To Do 

Nothing like getting all of your main tasks out of the way so you can have more free time and not have to think to yourself that you may have missed something important. 

Get Your Outfit Ready 

Unlike myself, I am really bad at choosing an outfit. I can literally spend quite some time looking at my clothes and trying to come up with an outfit. It is best and probably a huge time saver if you plan your outfit the night off rather than the day of.

Read A Chapter / Listen To One Episode From Your Favorite Podcast

I enjoy listening to my favorite podcast about being a good currency trader. I highly recommend listening to “Chat With Traders.” Most of the episodes are between 30min – 1HR long. 

Shower Before Bed.

Take a quick shower before bed. I know there are some people who rather shower in the morning, I mean I do that as well, but I enjoy falling asleep clean and refreshed rather than sleeping with work sweat on me. No judgment, it’s just a personal choice of mine.

Brainstorm Ideas For Your Business/ Blog

Being a blog owner, I sometimes before bed will write down or type on my iPhone ideas that come to mind for future posts on my blog. I also used to own a clothing line and at times before bed, I got my best ideas for new graphics before bed. 

Call Your Family

I live in Florida and my family all live in California. Almost every night I call my mom. Being 2500 miles away, it’s obvious real hard to see my family, so thankfully there are ways that I can see and hear my family. 

Meal Prep For The Next Day

Being someone who has a full-time job with being a part-time blogger and currency trader, it’s hard for me to cook the day of, so most times when I get off work, I will cook and prepare my lunch and dinner for the next day.

Drink A Glass Of Water

This one is pretty self-explanatory, just make sure your body is hydrated before you go to sleep. I try to drink a glass of water right before bed. Sometimes, I drink a lot of soda throughout the day, I know that’s not good for the body, I am still trying to slowly give up soda. 

Check Current Positions / Look For Potential New Positions

Okay, this one is if you are a stock trader, for most traders out there, the most profitable session in trading is the London session. Most days I get off work around midnight, which gives me the opportunity to look before the London session and get in new positions.

Unwind And Meditate

Nothing like reducing the stress you had that day. Take 15 minutes out of your night and meditate.

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