Life Currently, September 2021

  Hi friends, Let’s have a glimpse of my life at the moment. It’s about 2 P.M on a very hot and miserable day out here in Florida on a Tuesday. I am sitting here with my beautiful dog watching some television.  The last 5 days of work have been so exhausting. I work at a bar and we are […]

Reasons You Know You’re Doing Okay In Life

Have A Full-Time Job With Benefits Be thankful if you have any job. As much as some places do not pay well, having a job can give a great feeling of accomplishment. For me, growing up in a small town, it was extremely hard to find any sort of job. Giving the opportunity to move across the country and start […]

10 Nighttime Routine Ideas That I Do

Write Down All The Key Tasks You Have To Do  Nothing like getting all of your main tasks out of the way so you can have more free time and not have to think to yourself that you may have missed something important.  Get Your Outfit Ready  Unlike myself, I am really bad at choosing an outfit. I can literally […]

5 Things I Do In My Morning Routine

Every morning is different for everyone. We all have different hours we all get up. We all have routines that fit us before we actually start the day. Well, I am here to share my morning routine and I hope you can implement some of the stuff I do in the morning into your morning routine. Here we go… Stretch […]

Perks Of Being A Disney Cast Member

We All Love Disney Have you ever wanted to know what the perks of being a Disney Cast Member are? Well, I am here to share what awesome benefits and perks I get for being employed by The Walt Disney Company. I’ve been employed by Disney for almost 10 years now and I cannot tell you how much I love […]

3 Great Ways To Earn Extra Money During The Summer

Summer is just around the corner! Isn’t crazy how fast time goes by. I cannot believe the year is almost halfway gone!  Are you looking for a way to earn some extra cash during the summer? Awesome, that’s great to hear because I can tell you 3 ways you can earn some extra cash during the summer.  1.  Resale online […]