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5 Ways To Clean Your Life For The Summer

5 Ways To Clean Your Life For The Summer Drink Lots Of Water During Summer Summer is a great time to start drinking more water than you are normally used to. Take someone like me, who constantly chooses to drink carbonated beverages more often than I should. I drink an unhealthy amount of soda or […]


3 Great Ways To Earn Extra Money During The Summer

Summer is just around the corner! Isn’t crazy how fast time goes by. I cannot believe the year is almost halfway gone!  Are you looking for a way to earn some extra cash during the summer? Awesome, that’s great to hear because I can tell you 3 ways you can earn some extra cash during […]


5 Activities You Can Do At Home After Working A Long Week Of Work

Activities, Hi friends, You are probably very excited that it’s your Friday and ready to do something fun! I know I get extremely happy when it’s my weekend and I don’t have to be stressed or waking up early for my job. I know in most cases we all want to do something away from […]

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