10 Inspirational Quotes You Must Read

Inspirational Quotes Here are 10 of the most inspirational quotes I came across… Enjoy! “Just Do It!” – Dan Wieden [YOLO] “You Only Live Once” – Drake If you are working on something that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.” — Steve Jobs “Learn as if you […]

Personal Growth

Your Job Doesn’t Suck. Keep Your Mindset Positive.

Your job doesn’t suck. I’ve noticed a lot of people that I know complain about their job. Not getting into details of their issues, but they are pretty much all similar to each other. You don’t get paid enough. You don’t see yourself moving up. You deal with mean people all day and all night […]


5 Activities You Can Do At Home After Working A Long Week Of Work

Activities, Hi friends, You are probably very excited that it’s your Friday and ready to do something fun! I know I get extremely happy when it’s my weekend and I don’t have to be stressed or waking up early for my job. I know in most cases we all want to do something away from […]

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How To Make Disney’s Pina Colava Cocktail

Disney’s Famous Pina Colava Cocktail Hey there! Ever tried Disney’s Pina Colava before. Well, if you haven’t it’s a MUST try drink! It’s so delicious and super easy to make! There are only a few ingredients you need to make this delicious drink! Raspberry Flavored Rum (Preferably Bacardi Raspberry Rum) 1.25 OZ Pina Colada Mix […]

Snack Recipes

A Delicious Post Workout Snack You Must Try

A Tasty Snack Who loves to have a nice healthy snack after their workout? I know I do! This snack is extremely delicious and probably the easiest snack to make because it’s only two ingredients. Strawberries and Peanut Butter! How I prepare this delicious snack… Wash the strawberries with cold water. (got to make sure […]

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